Mate Foreign Trade was established to actively meet the need to exist in the global markets - a need which emerged as a result of Karakas Group's international contacts and cooperation requirements.

At first, Mate Foreign Trade captured its trade volume by trading, cleaning and personal care products, tractors and tractor equipment between Bulgaria, Russia, Africa and Turkey. The company aims to extend its cooperation and trading over a wider geography and product range over time.

Turkey, which attracts attention by being one of the fastest developing economies in the world and with its dynamic market, presents non-negligible opportunities for international investors and global companies. Mate Foreign Trade offers the unique position and vast potential of Turkey to global markets and joint ventures through its existing business network and opportunities with the principle of creating mutual value.



Address: Mate Foreign Trade. Eyüp Merkez Mah. Silahtarağa Cad. No: 83/2 Eyüp İstanbul Türkiye

Phone : +90 212 632 29 01

Fax : +90 212 585 84 70